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Our Unrealistic Goal Of Perfection In Life

You are enough.

Legendary painter Salvador Dali said it best, “have no fear of perfection--you’ll never reach it.”

Too often in life we cling to the notion of being all things at all times--never giving ourselves a chance to just be.  

Our exasperating chase for perfection frays our peace of mind and spirit. We hold fast to our notion of how things should be and forget to flourish in the present.  

In fact, real fulfillment in life is when you finally calm down and come back to the center.  

Come back to yourself.  

Learn that mistakes and flaws are merely multifaceted jewels in the crown of your authentic self.  There is no need to be the perfect partner, parent or friend. There is only a need to show up, open up and love.  

Free your thoughts from how it should be, how it should have been, and witness the return of genuine joy, gratitude and fulfillment.  

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