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Overcoming Obstacles: It Only Takes One "Yes"

You can persevere through all the "no's."

Where is your greatest wealth? It’s not in what you drive or the house you live in. Your greatest wealth is in you. Unlike money and material goods, no one can take “you” away from you.

When you embark on entrepreneurship, you build it yourself. It can be a hard road to take, but in the end, you appreciate it more because of all you went through to achieve it. If things come too easy for you, if they’re easily handed to you, it’s easy for you to accept “no” when you hear it.

Anyone who’s built something from the ground up has heard “no” time and time again, and yet, they persevered. With each “no,” they learned something. They changed something in order to bring them closer to hearing “yes.” Remember: it only takes one “yes.” Are you willing to do what it takes to hear it?

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