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Pursuing Your Destiny Means You Have To Do You

Pt. 4 of an in-depth series on destiny guided by T.D. Jakes' most popular lessons.

Most people who have a destiny were inspired by someone, no matter the field they are in. If it’s football, you can choose a person to whom you can compare yourself from an increasingly large group of athletes. Are you a writer? Who do you believe is a type and shadow of your life’s story? What about film? Does the life and process of Steven Spielberg speak to who you believe you are? No matter the vocation, we all have people we look up to.

There was one such Biblical character who not only studied the life of his predecessor, but was in direct contact with him — Joshua. Joshua was Moses’ right-hand man. Joshua saw just about everything Moses ever did. From parting the Red Sea to getting water out of a rock, Joshua was right there, witnessing how God channeled His power through a mere man. Then, Moses died, and Joshua was next in line to lead the people of Israel into their destiny. The mentee becomes the mentor, and God promises Joshua that He will be present in Joshua’s life just as He was present in Moses’ life.

Though God was with Joshua, Joshua did not do everything Moses did. Yes, both men had a few points in their lives that resembled those in the life of the other, but Joshua was used in a completely different way than how God used Moses. Does that mean God was not with Joshua in the same manner He was with Moses, or did Joshua misinterpret God’s meaning?

We often compare our lives to those people we wish to emulate, believing the only way to be as successful as our predecessors is to do exactly what they did.

“If you do what they did, you can get what they got.”

Though you have likely heard that phrase applied to the path of success, it does not necessarily mean you should repeat every minute detail of someone else’s life. Yes, there are points where we find similarities between our lives and others, but what sense does it make to continue doing the same thing and expecting a different result? Your predecessor did what they were supposed to do. Your destiny, though it may be similar, is markedly different from anyone else’s.

There is always something different to be done. Your personality and the way you process things brings an entirely unique perspective to your destiny. Have people sculpted statues before? Of course! However, no one will ever sculpt quite like you. Do you follow the life of a particular businessman? Your role model might be great, but there are far better and greater business deals to be made.

Similarities exist in the lives of destiny-driven people because truth is truth, no matter where it is. However, your destiny is distinct, requiring the perspective, execution methods, and even your unique personality in order for it to be brought to life.

Your destiny is not a carbon copy of another.

Your destiny is distinctively similar.

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