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Real Love Doesn’t Hurt

It protects and endures.

We should all “love in a way that makes the other person feel free.”

Real love in our lives, whether from friends or family, should never bring us pain.  We should be loved in a way that makes us feel free--free and encouraged to grow into our best selves.  

Do you feel free?  

Do you feel uplifted and valued by those you love?

Real love is life; it nurtures our spirit and wraps us in authentic comfort.  We are seen, acknowledged and considered.

In fact, our psychological well-being is directly linked to feeling supported and nurtured in our relationships.  We have a hierarchy of needs that drive us towards self-actualization and personal fulfillment.  Real love from our family and friends adds to our feelings of belonging, security and esteem.  

Love inspires a connectedness that uplifts and endures; its basis is mutual respect and admiration.  

Closely examine the ways that you give and receive love in your own life.  It’s time to consider if we feel free, supported and seen in our closest relationships.  If we don’t, what steps can we take to finally have the love we deserve?

Real love in our lives will never hurt our heart or spirit.  

Indeed, real love doesn’t hurt--it believes, it hopes and it never falters.

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