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Reconnect To Love By Following This Simple Bit Of Advice

Let love flow.

Do you feel lovingly connected to your spouse?  Often partners get lost in the day-to-day grind of life. They forget to be in love; they forget to work at love.  When is the last time you held hands, or each other, for longer than a few seconds?

Of the top ten reasons why marriages fail, a lack of communication and not spending quality time together are the most common. If you started remodeling your home, you would identify the projects that needed attention and then dedicate time to manifest the changes. It should be the same with our marriages. We must dedicate our time to connect and remember all the reasons we fell in love in the first place.

Strong relationships are based on intimacy as well as shared joy.  Try taking a day off together; spend it doing something you both enjoy.  Get someone to watch the kids for a night, dress up and go to that concert or show you both would love.  

At home, instead of escaping into your mobile devices, set them down and sit next to each other at night. Watch a show together that will get you talking. When you talk, share about more than just the struggles at work or needs of the household; talk about your interests and passions.   

Spend quality time together and start the work of rebuilding.  Reconnecting to the one you love will help you remember the butterflies and sparks of first love and will aid in deepening your relationship for the road ahead.

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