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Resolve To Make Better Resolutions

Stick to your resolve this year.

Resolving to make a few improvements in life?

The new year is a perfect time to commit to making the changes that have been weighing heavy on your mind.

However, most will abandon their resolutions. Studies suggest only around 8% of those who make resolutions actually keep them.

Why are resolution completion rates so low?

Perhaps it’s the nature of the resolutions that are being made that are setting their success up for failure.

In order to increase our likelihood of sticking to our intentions, here are some of the most popular resolutions and a few tips on how we might re-frame them for success.

1. Saving Money.

Stress over saving money is the main cause of tension in relationships so it makes sense that saving money would rank as a popular resolution.

In order to accomplish this, many will resolve to cut spending on things they see as unnecessary or choose cheaper options when spending, but that sort of deprivation can backfire because of the extra time and stress of looking for the a bargain that might not exist or because savings just aren’t being set aside correctly.

Do This Instead: In order to save money, it’s best to remove the temptation of spending it in the first place.

Open up a savings account to receive part of your income via direct deposit or opt into an automated savings account that will roll over the unused cents from your purchases and deposit them accordingly.

If you can’t see the money, you can’t spend the money.

2. Losing Weight.

Each year, losing weight tops the list of most popular New Year’s resolutions.

Many will join a gym or buy a new piece of athletic equipment in order to reach their goal, but the majority will end up quitting by mid-February.

Do This Instead: Instead of drastically adding a new behavior to your schedule, increase a pre-existing one gradually.

Start by increasing your daily intake of water to half a gallon a day. Not only will it help to keep you full, it will replace sugary alternatives and is the cornerstone of weight loss.

Gradually ramping up the amount you walk will also provide some activity without failure looming over your head.

3. Finding Love.

The holidays can be a hard time to go through without someone to love so it is not surprising that finding love is a popular resolution.

Enrollment in online dating sites is highest right after the first of the year but the pressure to find that special someone could result in dating desperation that takes your love life nowhere.

Do This Instead: Prioritize your relationships with friends and family and resolve to spend more time in social settings.

Places like church, social clubs, or the neighborhood café can offer fun and the opportunity to meet new people without the pressures of dating.

When you feel comfortable, you are more yourself and more ready to meet the one of your dreams.

Don’t allow the harsh statistics to discourage you from making plans to improve your life in the new year. Resolving to resolve the right way can be your first resolution of 2017.


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