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Retiree Gets Job Offers From Around The World

His ad got more answers than he ever dreamed it would.

There’s so much that we can learn from the generations that have come before us.

Thanks to their long lives, they are full of advice and experience that younger generations can truly benefit from if only they saw the value in it.

As retired veteran Joe Bartley well knows, age doesn’t determine usefulness.

Frustrated and dissatisfied with retirement, the 89-year-old put an advertisement into The Herald Express looking for work to "save [him] from dying of boredom."

Mr. Bartley’s advert quickly circulated around the Internet, garnering the retiree several job offers from around the world.

When asked about his desire to work, the veteran shared that the thing he is looking forward to most is seeing people and working with his hands.


Of all the options he had, Mr. Bartley chose a job at a cafe, which will give plenty of opportunities to do the things he has missed since being retired.

Though Mr. Bartley is the one who has gained a job, his employer might be getting the better deal.

After all, they will be getting all the years of knowledge and experience that retired veteran Joe Bartley has to offer.




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