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Serena Williams Pens Inspirational Message To Women

Stay encouraged, sisters.

There is no denying that Serena Williams is an inspiration to millions of young girls and women around the world.

Not only has she won 4 Olympic gold medals and has a record 22 Grand Slam Titles, but she is also arguably one of the best athletes of all time. 


Still, it hasn’t been easy for Ms. Williams to get to where she is today and she knows the same applies to women all over the world who face discrimination based on gender, color, race, and background.

With this in mind, in her signature inspiring fashion, Serena took to Instagram to share an uplifting message to her “sisters” who need a reminder to stay encouraged.


Stay encouraged Sisters ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏼✊🏾✊🏽

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In her message, Ms. Williams shares that, “What others marked as flaws or disadvantages about myself. my race, my gender – I embraced as fuel for my success".

The star athlete acknowledges that women have to break down many barriers in order to accomplish the things they dream of but encourages girls and women to “dream big” in order to pave the way for future generations to reach their goals.

Serena Williams has made it her purpose to inspire us to rise to the heights that we can achieve if we believe in ourselves and refuse to let others define our potential.


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