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Set Down Your Phone And Step Up Your Game

Your phone might be standing in the way of your success.

If you've ever left your phone at home, you've probably been faced with the strange feeling of disconnection, as if you forgot your voice box for the day. But parting with your most precious technological device can actually be beneficial – not only to your productivity, but to your piece of mind.

Nix the Multitasking

Science has firmly proven that our brains aren't cut out for multitasking. The problem with all those smart phone apps that are supposed to help with productivity is that they can clutter your life. While a few apps can be helpful, a ton of apps can confuse and interrupt you all day long. The simple answer lies in doing a day-long detox. If the idea of leaving your phone is too much to bare, that’s the first sign you need to log out of your apps or turn your phone off.

Eliminate Interruption

Aside from the multitasking you do on your phone all day, many professionals are inundated with interruptions they didn't choose. This includes phone calls or texts from co-workers, family members, bill collectors and more. Problems tend to occur when you are interrupted frequently and are forced to focus on completely unrelated tasks in a short period of time. In most cases, this is what happens when we receive a call or text. So before you ditch your phone for the day, send a quick text to everyone who might need you. Let them know you're taking a hiatus and they can leave a message.

Connect with Coworkers

What's even better than parting with your phone for the day? Having the entire office do the same. Surprisingly, simply having smart phones around can change how we interact, limiting empathy and understanding between individuals. Even if other technology is still present during the work day (like computers), co-workers without their phones are likely to pay more attention to each other, collaborate on a deeper level, and appreciate each others ideas.

Get Your Time Back

With constant updates to your news feed and personal profiles, you might feel compelled to check your phone continuously to miss anything. But in reality, much of this information is unimportant, and it's probably wasting a good amount of your time. There’s no denying that your phone can enhance your business and career opportunities but for the sake of sanity and clarity, it’s important to unplug in order to reconnect.

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