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Show and Prove: How To Train For Your Spiritual Challenge

A simple guide to preparing for any obstacle life throws at you.

One sudden challenge can catch us off guard and change everything. Whether an unexpected accident, job loss or health issue, life has a way of sending obstacles our way without any warning or explanation.

Regardless of the magnitude or impact, we are expected to remain resilient, grow through the situation and bounce back to our everyday routine with the same sense of focus. While it’s certainly possible, it is surely not an easy task.

Here are a few ways you can train for the next spiritual challenge.

1. Slow Down, Step Back

Refrain from accepting added obligations that only consume more of your time. Instead, replace them with solitude and practices designed to sharpen your mind. This is a great way to prepare for the uncomfortable nature of spiritual challenges. The act of intentionally delaying gratification will strengthen your discipline, allowing you to get to the point of being comfortable and at peace, despite the perceived turbulence surrounding you.

2. Meditate

Choose a favorite mantra, or a few encouraging messages that offer help in areas where you are struggling. Focus on the affirmations for 10–30 minutes each day, allotting a set period of time to process the takeaways and apply them to your circumstance. It also helps to post these encouraging words in a place where you will see them every day. By doing so, you can silence the noise and end distractions when a challenge arises.

3. Write Down Your Desires 

In addition to posting and reciting your favorite quotes, verses or teachings, it's also helpful to post your desires. In the recent film "War Room," we’re shown the prayer closets where people can enter, shut the door and intercede on the behalf of themselves and others. Usually, the desires of the heart are written down and posted on the walls, serving as visual reminders of areas we are earnestly believing for a breakthrough.

4. Partner Up  

It's hard to practice all of these tactics in isolation. Life is lived more abundantly in community. Get an accountability partner with whom you can share your honest thoughts and goals for spiritual strength and growth. Find someone whom you can speak with on a consistent basis for encouragement throughout your time of preparation. Getting a partner to endure the battle with helps you to thrive when you are in the heart of the challenge.

Without proper preparation and training, recovering from a spiritual setback can be seemingly impossible. But, with the right tools, one can effectively handle any obstacle and win any battle. It’s necessary to be still, silence the noise of your thoughts and meditate on the outcome you desire.

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