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Students Are Moved To Tears By The “Positivity Project”

Teachers thank the students who make them love their jobs.

If you were fortunate enough, when you think back over the years of your education, one or two teachers will stand out in your memory.

Those teachers who put in the extra effort to understand their students, who not only teach but promote a love of learning, and the ones who just put their entire hopes on the children they teach are the kinds of educators that are remembered.

The influence of a good teacher can inspire incredible acts, but where do teachers draw their own inspiration to do the great deeds that they do?

As it turns out, teachers are inspired by the very people they inspire: their students.

Moved by the incredible students that make their jobs so fulfilling, teachers at Oak Park High School in Kansa City, Missouri started the “Positivity Project”.

The “Positivity Project” was a challenge to each educator to find that student or students that inspire and motivate them most and share their appreciation for them.

The teachers filmed their interactions with the students and compiled a moving montage of appreciation for the students that make them proud to be educators.

In the video, tears are shed by both educators and the honored students as admiration is generously given and then received with a mix of bashful pride and sincere appreciation.

Tears and hugs were exchanged between teachers and students.(Photo: Tears and hugs were exchanged between teachers and students.)

Students featured on the video come from different backgrounds but all share common traits as expressed by their teachers: kindness, hard work, good humor, and positive attitudes.

The video quickly went viral once placed online, having been viewed 1,500 times in the first 24 hours and possessing over 30k views in a month since its initial release.

Students were pleasantly surprised to be honored by their teachers. (Photo: Students were pleasantly surprised to be honored by their teachers. )

The incredible effects caused by “Positivity Project” show that inspiration can be found everyday in our positive attitudes and in the good deeds we do.

And just as these students inspire their teachers, we can also inspire the people in our lives.

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