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The Key To Living With No Regrets

Living with no regrets comes from knowing what you want.

Have you ever found yourself mulling over mistakes of the past? Is there a decision you have recently made that you now regret? Are there people you admire who seem to never be “down and out” and always have a smile on their face?

Everybody makes mistakes but that doesn’t mean you should be dwelling on them. You can’t be happy while carrying around regret and the key to living your life without regret is to live according to your chosen life path, your destiny.

“How do I figure out my life path?”

The answer may not be easy to find. You may need to take some time to figure out what you want to do. That is okay!

Just remember that the answer comes from within.

T.D Jakes points out that we need to take the time to get to know ourselves. God already has a purpose for you but you must remain faithful.

Life is about being on a journey. It is not about the destination. It’s about where you are going. T.D Jakes speaks about us not limiting ourselves from reaching our potential and that we should be using our circumstances to push you into a place of transformation in your life. Your transformation may come in a different way compared to someone else, so don’t try to replicate others steps towards your own destiny.   

Not everyone’s path is the same, but there are commonalities. One of them being we all make mistakes. To live a life without regrets comes with an understanding that mistakes are okay to make. Otherwise, you may end up regretting not taking a chance that could have pushed you forward in life. Mistakes are lessons worthy of learning from because they give you an opportunity to grow. It creates a new beginning. A chance to start again.

So start figuring out what your purpose is. Don’t let the fear of failing or success stop you from attaining your goals. Live without regrets. 

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