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The Meeting Of A Lifetime

Before he left this world, he saw her enter it.

When we lose a loved one, we often look for something to make the loss a little easier.

If we’re lucky, we’ll have the chance to make final memories with the person we love before they pass.

Diane Augler is one of those fortunate lot who has a remarkably beautiful memory of the person she lost. When Diane’s husband, Mark, became ill, she knew that there was a strong possibility he would not live to meet the little life growing inside of her. His prognosis was extremely severe and his condition was quickly deteriorating.

It was at that point that Diane made a significant decision. With her doctor's’ blessing, Diane opted to be induced early so Mark would be present for the delivery during his last moments. Resting in a bed beside his laboring wife, Mark held Diane’s hand as she brought their daughter, Savannah, into the world.  


Though it was a bittersweet meeting, Mark was able to hold his daughter in his arms. Soon after, he slipped into a coma and, while Mark lay unconscious, Diane placed their daughter in his arms and held the three together as Mark passed away peacefully.   

Diane’s effort to give Mark a final gift was fulfilled but she also received something incredible in return. She has the memory of Mark holding her hand through labor and then holding their daughter just as lovingly.

Though the pain of his passing is still there, when Diane thinks of her husband, Mark, she will always recall a day she will never forget; the day she gave Mark and Savannah the meeting of a lifetime.  

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