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The Most Heart-Warming Stories Of 2016

It's been an incredible year.

Of all the moments, both good and bad, that have happened in 2016, it’s the moving and positive instances that should stand out the most in our memories.

The recollection of all the touching stories this year has offered can set the tone for the new year ahead. has featured several amazing stories of inspiration but these are possibly the most heart-warming of 2016.

1. Showered With Love.

Friends Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller started Live Fresh Palm Beach County, a free mobile shower and toiletry trailer for homeless individuals in their community. They also team up with local health care facilities to provide check ups and health screenings.

2. Cutting Hair With Care.

Fuller Cut Barbershop started a children’s reading program that gives kids a discounted haircut while they read to their barbers. The shop’s small library consists of books that teach African American culture, traditions, and values.

3. A Legacy of Literacy.

Children’s author and illustrator Anna Dewdney dedicated her life to promoting literacy and imagination in children through her Llama Llama series. Upon her untimely death in 2016, Ms. Dewdney requested as a last wish that parents and guardians everywhere take time to read to the children in their lives.

4. Keep Fighting.

The Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy works with boys in the community by teaching them how to become men. During a difficult test, a young boy started crying out of frustration but was rescued by words from Founder and Instructor Jason Wilson. Mr. Wilson’s inspirational pep talk went viral this year because of the wisdom that resonates with his words.

5. You Can Say That Again.

School teacher Chris Ulmer starts every class by giving each student an affirmation of their amazing qualities. The daily compliments and positive praise help to establish a positive mindset for his students and can potentially impact their lives in incredible ways.

6. Meet The World's First Coupon Hero.

Humanitarian Lauren Puryear started a non profit called For The Love Of Others with the goal of providing 30,000 meals to those in need by September 2017 through the use of couponing. Ms. Puryear has already provided over 7,000 meals.

7. Master Chef Makes Food For The Homeless.

When distinguished Chef Justin Aprahamian is not working at his acclaimed restaurant, he and his staff are lovingly making gourmet food for the homeless community in his area, offering them some comfort through home cooked meals.

8. A Drawing A Day.


Today, October 12 is Children's Day is Brazil. Weather is beautiful today. Instead of once a year, it should be commemorated 365 days. Boys, my heart is heavy. #drawing #watercolor #childrensday #brazil Hoje, dia 12 de outubro, é o dia das crianças no Brasil. Fazia tempo que não fazia um dia tão bonito assim. O dia das crianças não deveria ser apenas 1 dia ao ano e sim 365dias. Sinto um pesar no coração... 오늘 10ì›” 12일은 브라질의 어린이날. 오랜만에 날씨도 좋았다. 하루가 ì•„ë‹Œ 1ë…„ 365일이 어린이들의 날이어야 하는데 .....얘들아, 마음이 무겁구나.

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Separated from his grandsons by great distances, grandfather Chanjae Lee decided to use his love of art to draw one picture a day for his grandchildren and post it on Instagram so both they and all people can see and enjoy them.

9. Proposal Of The Year.

Junior linebacker Deion Pierre got down on one knee while his team mates sang Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud in order to give his girlfriend Jasmine Henderson the proposal of the year.

10. One Day With God.

Scottie Barns started a prison ministry called One Day With God in order to provide the opportunity for inmates and their children to connect and have one normal yet extraordinary day together.

The warmth that these stories offer through their touching messages are the perfect ending to one year while we ready our best selves for the next one.

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