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The National Anthem Goes Viral

Star Swain mesmerizes at the Lincoln Memorial.

This video of Star Swain singing the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial has gone viral; over thirty-three million people have watched Star’s soulful rendition of our nation’s ode to liberty.  Opportunity has come knocking on Star’s door as she is slated to sing the national anthem at upcoming events around the U.S.--the first being at a national boxing championship at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, as well as an upcoming Nascar event in October.  

TDJakes.com had a chance to speak with Mrs. Swain.

“As a kid and young adult there were times when my mom and family would encourage me to sing,” Star told TDJakes.com  

Star knew that it was a gift and she longed to share it with the world. She shared her musical talent with her church choir, as her mother continued to encourage her burgeoning talent.

Although her music career didn’t materialize in her youth, she dedicated her life to service through her work as a school administrator and her connections with her church.  

She was on a trip with her church group when the video was shot.

“I sing at church all the time and I told Marcus (who plays the piano at church and was with them on the trip) the acoustics in here are so awesome!” she said.  She jokingly told him, “I should just start singing the Star Spangled Banner.”   

He encouraged her to do it and got his phone ready to record.

Although Star was “very nervous,” she felt inspired. “I knew everyone was there for their country.  All of that goes through your mind and you are filled with strength.  I started thinking about what I was singing and that took over,” she said.

Asked what she has learned from this experience and her well earned recognition she shared, “I kept the faith.  I kept to service and realized that when you least expect it, it will happen.  All in his time!”  

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