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The Power Of Why

Your questions lead to the truth.

Rumi once said we should look for the answer inside our question.

Indeed, the questions we ask ourselves point to the very truths we seek.  

We ask why we are hurting, yet know the reasons all too well.  We ask why they treat us this way (and how much longer we can take it) yet forget to listen to our own wisdom. We ask which path to follow, yet our intuition keeps pointing towards the light.  

Still, living with our questions feels like standing on uneven ground; we fear never getting back our footing.  

But our questions are the roadmap to our truth.  

Researchers have found that too often we fear asking questions; we stick to a course of action, ignoring our instincts and staying within perceived “safe” parameters.  Yet, asking questions, and making decisions with flexibility and room to change, sets us on course to greater fulfillment and self-agency.  

Allow yourself to ask why and sit awhile with the unknown.  As uncomfortable as it may seem, there is power in asking why.  All of your questions herald the arrival of the answers you seek.

Socrates once said that, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  In truth, the examination of our life choices, through every one of our questions, inspires a fundamental insight into the life we are meant to lead.  

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