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Their Part In Your Story Is Over

The rest is in your hands.

Life moves in cycles.

The earth’s progression through the four seasons ensures maturation and renewal; the ice caps of winter melt into the streams of spring.  

Our relationships follow similar cycles. There are some that come into our lives for a lifetime while others only for a season.

Surely, those that walk out of our lives are not always bad people – sometimes their part in our story is just over. We may have lost our spouse, partner or best friend simply because no matter how hard we tried to make it work, our values were no longer aligned. We shaved down the edges of the square peg, trying to force it into a round hole, but it just doesn’t fit – and we know it.

Although we believed they would be in our lives forever, their season has come to an end.

Everyone reminds you that you will heal from this, yet you wish you could believe that.  

Some might say that it takes half the length of the relationship to heal from the loss, while others say that after a month things will start to feel better. Yet, a recent study found that it actually takes just three months for the grief to turn into greater self-awareness and healing; just hold on a little longer.

The reality of this loss might have left us physically ill, bewildered, heartbroken and searching for answers.  Yet, the more we overthink things, the sharper the hurt.  We lessen the hurt by realizing that our story continues.  

We are not defined by this loss!

We can choose to channel the pain into service to others and a greater caring for ourselves.  

And truthfully, if all we can do to start healing today is to sit quietly yet a little longer, so be it.  Never doubt that their chapter might be over, but our story goes on.

A clearer head and heart move us on to the next season of our lives.  

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