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These 5 Podcasts Will Light Your Entrepreneurial Fire

When it comes to business, the more you know the better off you are.

Launching out into a new business venture can be scary but nothing is more terrifying than looking back and asking "What if?" For those who have the undeniable heart and mind of an entrepreneur, it is important to combine passion with a healthy dose of education. Save yourself the frustration of learning through mistakes by listening to the wisdom and insight of these entrepreneurial influencers.

1. Entrepreneur on Fire

If you are an active or aspiring entrepreneur seeking a daily dose of inspiration, look no further than Entrepreneur on Fire. Host John Lee Dumas brings on successful business owners and influencers from a host of industries for upbeat conversations on “their journey: Their failures, AH-HA moments, successes, and much more.”

Check out it if: You want to devour informative, accessible 30-minute episodes presented in a conversational, engaging format.

Favorite episode: “Nick Gray talks luscious lips and museum trips”

2. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Starting a business requires entrepreneurs to wear many hats––CEO, manager, lead marketer and more. Digital trends and best practices are continually evolving, so for those who are still responsible for their company’s marketing efforts, Amy Porterfield’s podcast will help you in your efforts to monetize your online marketing and blogging strategies.

Check it out if: You are looking for valuable insights on how to successful incorporate proven social media strategies from a pro.

Favorite episode: “Write Better Copy: Quick Tips for More Confident Communication”

3. Cashflow Diary

There comes a point where those considering making a real estate investment have to choose to move into the realm of risk and possibility. However, smart investors know the importance of being well informed. Host J. Massey is a full-time real estate investor and he discusses a wealth of topics centered on the theme of successful investments and entrepreneurship.

Check out if: You have a particular interest in the world of real estate and property investment.

Favorite episode: “Why Haven’t I Made It YET?”

4. Planet Money

This podcast’s tagline says it all: “The Economy Explained.” Planet Money takes a subject that can be quite intimidating––the global economy––and distills it down through the lens of individual stories that listeners can understand. From the influence of technology and robots on human labor to the economic crisis in Greece, this podcast offers plenty of insight.

Check out if: You want to learn how financial happenings both domestic and abroad, big and small, are interconnected and affect one another.

Favorite episode: “Buy Low, Sell Prime"

5. Smart Passive Income

There is plenty of money to be made online, and Pat Flynn has capitalized on the growing amounts of revenue that are available in the digital space. Flynn began his quest to master online business after being laid off from his job at an architecture firm, and it has worked out quite well.

Check out if: You want to be smart about setting up online business processes that create opportunity for earning income without need of a real-time presence.

Favorite episode: “5 Powerful Ways to Create Profitable Passive Income Products”

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