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This 6-year-old Can’t Stop Crying

We need more people like him.

(Video: Facebook)

6-year-old Mount Vernon, Washington native Henry Marr is not happy about the way people are treating the earth. Little Henry breaks down to his mom after watching a video in school about the way people treat the environment.

You can hear Henry crying as he says “The planet is going to be wrecked!” because people “throw trash on the ground” and “cut down trees.”

Henry is traumatized. His mom Allie Hall comes to the rescue and suggests ways he can help the environment right now by making posters to make people aware of their actions.

According to Buzzfeed, Henry has started a movement towards sustainable living in his hometown and was even a park ranger for Halloween.

Kids are some of the most passionate people on this planet and it’s Henry’s passion that make the future look bright. Let’s join Henry’s in keeping our planet safe and clean for generations to come.


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