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This Dad's Surprise Brings His Daughter And The Internet To Tears


If you were reunited with your dad after 6 years, how would you react? Chances are your response would be a lot like this little girl’s.

After being apart for so long, this young girl got the surprise of a lifetime when she was reunited with her father upon his release from prison. The two instantly embrace as soon as they see one another; crying, hugging, and holding each other in a touching display of father-daughter love.

The video of the reunion was posted on Instagram by the girl’s aunt where it caught the attention of Bishop TD Jakes. This family’s story proves especially significant to the Bishop because prisoner rehabilitation and reunion has been one of his missions since 2005.

Bishop Jakes began this mission when he saw the need for re-entry training for former inmates to prevent them from falling back into the same traps that often turns past prisoners into repeat prisoners.

In addition to expanding prison ministry in order to offer support to the incarcerated, Bishop Jakes also founded the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.) as a way to ready newly released men and women to transition back into society. The program offers job training, housing, education, and counseling; giving these individuals the tools they need to keep them from re-entering the criminal system.


Of the over 10,000 formerly incarcerated adults who have graduated the T.O.R.I. program, it’s safe to say that there are more than a few rehabilitation stories that mirror this one.

Individuals released from prison are given the chance to reconnect with the family they were once separated from and can begin making up for lost time. The rehabilitated prisoners have earned a second chance at freedom and to be welcomed back home by their loved ones.

Programs like T.O.R.I. that commit to offering opportunities to those who need them are instrumental in creating more touching moments like this one all the more possible.

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