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This Dad’s Surprise Leaves His Son Speechless

There is no greater gift than a father’s love.

It only takes a moment to draw a baby out of its cradle, but it takes a lifetime to cultivate a strong man or woman from a child.  

A real father steps up to the challenge; a real father holds his baby, strengthens his child and helps mold them into flourishing adults.

In this viral video, a thirteen-year-old boy is seen pumping gas with his mother.  His spirits are down because his father had to miss his birthday party due to work.

Little does he know that the surprise of a lifetime awaits!

As he checks the gas a familiar man darts in front of him--his father.

After being away at work, his father drove five hours straight to surprise his son for his birthday.  

The boy is filled with joy and screams of appreciation as the center of his heart, his father, stands before him. His father sacrificed himself to give his son his attention and to show him his love through action.  

No material possession on earth could take the place of the greatest gift of all-- his love.

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