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This Father-Son Olympic Moment Will Go Down In History

Dad is always there.

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As the world turns it’s eyes upon Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympic games, we are reminded of one of the most memorable moments from the 1992 Barcelona games.

British sprinter Derek Redmond was primed to win an Olympic medal during the 400m race. After a strong take off, his hamstring suddenly tore.

People likely don’t remember Derek’s facial expression or him limping along. are not what Instead, they remember his father Jim, running from the stands through security to help his son finish the race.

The finish by the father-son duo touched the hearts of many, even to this day. For Derek, he discovered news depths of his resolve. For Jim, it provided an opportunity to love his son out loud.  

Derek still remembers the race like it was yesterday saying, “I was upset and frustrated and at that moment decided that the Olympics would not beat me. I would at least finish the race. And that’s what made me continue to run.”

Derek never got a chance to capture an Olympic medal. After the 1992 Barcelona games, he had three surgeries and was plagued with injuries. Today, he gives motivational speeches to athletes and clubs in the area of business. He says “People started to get in touch with me saying I inspire them.” An inspiration he is, to us and many around the world.

The Olympic games kick off today in Rio de Janeiro. Be sure to check out the Men’s track and field events starting Sunday August 14 and cheer on Team USA!  

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