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This Is How To Treat Your Rivals

A true sportsman.

While we anxiously await the 2018 World Cup, this past summer both the Euro Cup and Copa America turned out to be thrillers in their own right.

During this year’s Euro cup final, both France and Portugal proudly represented their countries. In the end, however, France (this year’s host country) could not secure a victory for the home crowd and lost to Portugal 1-0 in extra time.

The devastated home crowd watched as Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal celebrated on their turf.

After the game, a young Portugal fan was caught on camera consoling a heartbroken France fan in a gesture of good-will sportsmanship.

The young fan could have gloated in the face of this devastated fan, instead he showed not only compassion but a heart of true sportsmanship - respect.

In life, there will always be winners and losers but let’s remember no matter what side we’re on, to always show respect.

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