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This Is The Story Of How A Stray Dog Saved A Woman's Life.

After being thrown out of the back window of her car, Shannon Lorio thought she might die, until a dog showed up of nowhere.

This incredible video highlights the story of Shannon Lorio, a 36-year-old woman from Georgia, whose life was saved by an unlikely source, a stray German Shepherd roaming alongside a country road.

On that fateful day, Lorio hopped into her car to escape a particularly upsetting argument with her husband. She found herself speeding down a twisty rural highway nicknamed “NASCAR Road.”

The speed at which she took the second curve caused her to lose control of her car.  It fish-tailed and violently flung her through the back window. She laid unconscious, the top half of her body on the trunk of her car, legs draped across the back seat and her car too far for other drivers to see.

When she finally regained consciousness, she was confused, trapped, injured and afraid of dying.

“All of a sudden, I felt a presence--a really huge presence,” Lorio recalled.

Her unlikely savior came in the form of a 2-year-old stray dog.

The German Shepherd jumped onto the back of the car, hovered over her and licked her bleeding face when she blacked out again. The next time she came to, the dog was pulling her from the car by the back of her jacket, dragging her toward the road.

Lorio candidly confessed, “That dog had more thrive for life at that point than I did.”

When she came to at the hospital, she was told she had an intracranial hemorrhage, which could have killed her. If the dog hadn’t been at the right place at the right time and with the right nature, she likely wouldn’t be here today.

As for the dog, he experienced a miracle, too. He got a new name (Hero!), a new home and a new job. Heidy Drawdy, a canine search and rescue trainer heard his story, adopted him and has been developing Hero’s natural abilities; he is enthusiastically learning wilderness rescue.  

Shanon’s story reminds us that miracles often emerge from unlikely sources, for inexplicable reasons.  They cause us to scratch our heads and hold our hearts.  They fill the world with a sense of magic and reaffirm our sense of purpose.

And as it turns out, we live in a world where miracles are more present than we dare believe.

This Easter season, take the opportunity to watch the film, Miracles from Heaven, an inspirational and uplifting story of an unlikely miracles from an unlikely sources. A sickly young girl with an incurable digestive disorder, survives a 30’ fall from a tree that results in the inexplicable disappearance of her chronic disease.

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