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This Waiter’s Saturday Tradition Will Warm Your Heart

Service with a side of friendship.

When we travel through this world, we don’t do so alone. We have our families, friends, and neighbors to venture alongside and assist us when we need some kindness and support.

However, sometimes it’s the strangers that flow in and out of our lives that end up becoming our best allies.

Waiter Joe Thomas knows this lesson well. From a young age, he says his mother instilled the necessity to treat all people with kindness and respect. He took that lesson and kept true to it.

Every weekend as he works at the busy restaurant, Mr. Thomas awaits a visit from his two favorite customers, Dale and Ma. The elderly couple has a standing reservation with Mr. Thomas.

Ma has a Huntington's disease which makes it hard for her to handle utensils so her husband Dale feeds her before eating his own meal. One day, Mr. Thomas noticed this exchange and pulled up a chair to take over feeding Ma so Dale could enjoy a hot breakfast.

The kind gesture became their weekly tradition.


One of their Saturday meetings was captured by an onlooking diner who took a video of the encounter and posted it online for others to see. The video quickly went viral as the internet erupted with an appreciation for Mr. Thomas and his devotion to Ma and Dale.

Feeling a bit flustered by the attention, Mr. Thomas chalks up their weekly tradition as him just helping out someone who has become his friend.

We never know who may touch our lives and become important to us. Being kind and caring for others can not only create new friends but can also provide support for people who desperately need it.

Let’s make it a tradition to reach out to one another and remind each other that we’re not alone on this journey through life.

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