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Thousands of Strangers Come Together To Help Find His Long Lost Soldier

Brothers in arms together again.

When a community comes together to help someone in need, it’s a powerful and moving accomplishment. However, community isn’t just your neighborhood; in this day and age, it expands deep into the reaches of the internet.

It’s that community that 19-year-old Bryce Lacy turned to when he needed help with a 50-year-old reunion in the making.

The Sam Houston State University student was home on vacation and spending time with his dad, Charles Lacy, when they decided to look through old photos and mementos. It was during this walk down memory lane that Mr. Lacy began telling Bryce about his old army buddy Kermit Powers.

Mr. Lacy told Bryce that the two had been close companions while serving in the Vietnam War but had eventually lost touch when they came stateside. The two brothers in arms hadn’t spoken with each other in nearly 5 decades.

That admission motivated Bryce to do something in order to find his father’s lost friend. He took to one of the communities he knows best and posted an inquiry on Twitter looking for information on Mr. Powers.

The extensive Twitter community was quick to help and retweeted the post over 55,000 times in hopes of finding the missing soldier. Eventually, the pieces started to fall into place and the internet produced the long lost Kermit Powers.

After finally finding Mr. Powers, Bryce was able to chat with his father’s former friend over video messaging and they are planning to meet soon.


If it wasn’t for the community of good samaritans that Bryce found on Twitter, Mr. Powers and Mr. Lacy may have never been reunited.

The communities who embrace you and care for you as one of their own should always be cherished. They are the ones who will lift you up and help you succeed, even if it takes nearly 50 years to do so.

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