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Until You Walk In Another’s Shoes

Sometimes what’s kept inside cannot be said.

It has been said that if you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Let’s put ourselves in another’s shoes before uttering even one word to critique, to harm or to judge. Judgement courts disconnection and separation while empathy welcomes love.  

How often have we felt judged or misunderstood?

Every one of us walks through life carrying on as best we can; we tell ourselves that the world does not stop for our pain or problems. Every day, in hundreds of ways, each of us put on our own protective masks in order to manage life.   We bury our fears, hurt and disappointments and should not forget that others do the same.  

Those that judge us cannot know the depth of what is kept inside, and those whom we question may need the gift of our own compassion and grace.

As we seek to understand another’s motivations and concerns we make room in our own lives for growth; our living example of empathy promotes more peaceful relationships and interactions.

Remember that what someone keeps tightly closed up inside sometimes can’t be said.  

Before you judge, seek to understand.

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