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Uplifting, Informative, Inspirational: Raising the Dialogue with T.D. Jakes

Join the conversation with my new podcast.

Insight, wisdom and guidance--in the information age, all are available at our fingertips through podcasts.   

Podcasts connect us with everything from financial advice, humor and uplifting messages that feed our soul.  In fact, podcasts are on the rise; currently nearly twenty percent of all Americans enjoy monthly podcasts on a variety of topics.  

With a beloved multi-media presence, through life-changing books, inspiring movies and cutting edge articles, T.D. Jakes connects with millions across the country.  

Welcoming even more people with open arms, T.D. Jakes raises the dialogue around issues of social justice, personal growth and living life with passion and purpose through his new T.D. Jakes Podcast. 

His first podcast guest, NAACP President Cornell William Brooks, sat down with T.D. Jakes to discuss his work with social justice.  Mr. Brooks shared insight from his twenty years experience as a civil rights litigator and the heart-wrenching challenges currently faced by the NAACP.

Mr. Brooks shared, “For such a time as this, I am in this position to do, and to answer a prophetic call.”

The podcast explores all the ways Mr. Brooks is called on to connect people in the face of unprecedented societal turmoil and police assaults.  Mr. Brooks and T.D. Jakes delve into both real-talk and real-life solutions to our nation’s deepest challenges.

Be a part of the conversation; join the podcast and help us continue to raise the dialogue around our country.  

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