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Wait For The Real Thing

You deserve it.

One of the greatest resources that you can have in the world today is relationships.

Everything in our world operates based on our relationships and connections.  

The connections that we establish, whether with our coworkers, church groups, friends or partner feed us spiritually and emotionally.  When life hits a rough patch these connections uplift us and see us through the darkest roads.  

Yet, all too often, we are the ones continually giving our time, support and energy to those who take us for granted.

We deserve the real thing and can no longer suffer through one-sided exchanges.

In his book about enduring partnerships and love, an award winning researcher at the University of Maryland found that a key to fulfilling relationships is to have common values and expectations for each other.  His research found that people settle for unfulfilling relationships far too often, yet those in successful relationships were both “courteous, flexible, trusting, good-natured and cooperative” towards each other.

Real relationships feed our souls; the time spent together creates a sense of peace and calm in us.  

With real friends we don’t feel judged--we laugh, cry and support each other through it all.  With real love we don’t feel depleted--we are honest, unified and add happiness to each other’s days.

We know what the real thing should look and feel like in our lives.  

The real thing, a healthy, symbiotic union, is worth the wait.

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