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WARNING: Your Delivery Is Ruining Your Message

Keep the substance and respect.

As the demand for speedy action and even quicker results grow, new modes of communication become the prefered forms of dialog. However, when we abandon traditional modes of conversation too quickly, we can alienate the very people we are trying to reach. When we don’t speak in a language that our target audience understands, we not only insult our listeners, we also lose the impact of the message we are trying to convey to them.

Whether it’s in our personal relationships or at work, there’s an order to most things. If we ignore this, we could be saying that we don’t respect the established rules and this can cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

Following established rules helps you to learn humility and respect. When you approach a situation appropriately, you're setting yourself up to be understood. Remember, though your message may be well-aimed, your delivery might just miss the mark.

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