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Watch The Sweetest Baby Sing His Heart Out From His Car Seat

"I'm blessed!"

When Lydia Majette posted a video of her sweet, little grandson singing gospel with her in the car, she had no idea it would go viral.  

With over 8.7 million views, Lydia’s Facebook video has touched countless hearts.

The grandma/grand-baby duo was singing the gospel song, “I’m blessed”.  Lydia shared on the post, “This is my praise partner.  I thank God every minute of every day this boy brings me great joy.”

The baby’s eyes light up with the deepest peace and jubilance as he belts out their song!

He sings, “I’m blessed!  Better than blessed--praise the Lord!”

What a gift this little man is to the world.

From his very first days, he has been nurtured with an attitude of gratitude and will surely continue to spread positivity to his family and beyond.

Spread this little man’s joy and remember to count your own blessings every, single, day! 

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