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What Is The Prosperity Gospel?

Praise is for good times and bad.

T.D. Jakes: What is the Prosperity Gospel?

It's the unique message that seems to come about when times are good and when money is flowing.  As a result, the music is upbeat and praise comes easy.

Many millennials don't know the struggle that their parents and grandparents went through, so people in the current generation may be very familiar with the Prosperity Gospel and the way of thinking that goes along with it: it's easy to praise God when life is good and money is easy to come by. The struggle isn't real for some of them.

It's very different from the message that comes forth when times are tough and people are in the midst of a struggle. Knowing that the lyrics of contemporary gospel music reflects what we're going through at that present time, T.D. Jakes poses an interesting question: Does the Church affect the culture or does the culture affect The Church?

 Will the lyrics change when times get tough?

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