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What Lessons Can Children Learn From Discipline?

There’s greater purpose in a parent’s punishment.

Whether you call them mentees or spiritual sons and daughters, your involvement in a child’s life will not only shape them, it will also make them honorary members of your family.

Mentoring isn’t always easy. It may be more convenient to be an accommodating and fun mentor, but you won’t become a true spiritual parent to a child until you’re able to offer discipline

We don’t chastise children that we aren’t invested in. Reprimanding a child teaches them right from wrong, and at the same time it expresses how much we care about the people they will grow into. Just as we would correct our own sons and daughters whenever they’re in the wrong, it’s just as important to do the same to our spiritual sons and daughters.

Children don’t always appreciate the lesson that is hidden in our discipline. Some may fight back and some may abandon your mentorship, but the ones who stick around to learn from it will become adults who will pass on the instruction to the next generation of spiritual sons and daughters.

When you invest in them so deeply and feel that return in your investment from them, those sons and daughters become your family just as much as you will become theirs.

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