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What Should You Do When Faith And Fear Meet?

What will you discover?

Taking on the unknown can be nerve-wrecking. While the feeling of excitement can spur you into action, the fear of failure and all the other “what-ifs” still warn you to be cautious. The battle between the two can be fierce, but where they meet is also the exhilarating place where you’ll discover what you’re truly made of.

It’s only when we push ourselves to new limits that we find out what we’re really capable of. Whether it’s changing careers or making a major advancement in our personal life, you have to have faith in your purpose and abilities. Having doubts are normal, but to really test what you’re capable of, you have to feel the fear and move forward anyways.

Once you embrace the fear of the unknown and learn to have faith in what could be, that’s when you’ll discover just who you are and what you’ve got.

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