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What Would Your Victory Dance Look Like?

Get down and ring in the joy!

What does hope sound like?

For patients, families, and caregivers at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, hope sounds like the ringing of bell.

Children come to this hospital to receive treatments for their cancer and, at the end of every difficult round of chemo, each child rings the hospital’s bell to signify the hope that their journey to wellness has completed.

One of these triumphant celebrations was captured when 6 year old Jimmy Spagnolo was given the chance to ring in after his year long chemotherapy treatment concluded. Dressed as the true superhero that he is, Jimmy did a victory dance and cheered along with his family and the hospital staff.

When facing matters that feel insurmountable, it’s important to hold on to that which offers us hope and joy in order to arrive safely on the other side of our struggles. These small comforts can manifest as anything; even as the promise of ringing a victory bell.

For families like Jimmy’s, that ringing bell at the end of their long struggle is the sweetest sound in the world.

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