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Where Do We Find Joy?

You could be looking in the wrong place?

Human being spend lots of time looking for attainable joy in life. We search for something that is going to make us just a little more happy and just a bit more satisfied than we already are.

Some spend their lives pursuing dream jobs and idealized relationships along with top of the line possessions in order to build the perfect lifestyle.

Still, happiness eludes them.

If we spend our time looking for joy and not finding it, it could be that we are just looking in the wrong place.

Happiness is often sought around us but the true origin of joy is within.

In order to have happiness manifest, we first need to acknowledge that we have control over creating our own joy.

In studies reported by The Journal of Positive Psychology, researchers Yuna L. Ferguson and Kennon M. Sheldon found that subjects were able to control feelings of happiness by simply trying to become happier and using the right methods to encourage it; in this case listening to happy music.

The researchers observed that “the motivational mindset was an important facet of improving well-being," meaning that happiness started within was achievable and effective.

We also need to understand that happiness doesn’t have to come in a big, flashy package.

Professor Alice Isen, PhD, found in her research that greater joy can be found in simple ways, such as personal satisfaction in a job well done.

When practiced in the long term, these small internal joys were powerful enough to make subjects “feel more generous, friendlier and healthier.”

These feelings directly translate to the experience of more joy.

The validation we seek is much easier than purchasing the newest automobile or adding more zeros to a bank account.

When we look to add joy into our lives, we need look no further than into our own hearts and minds to create the happiness that we deserve.

From there, all good things will come.

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