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Would You Open Your House To A Neighbor?

An unexpected house guest became family.

We’re all born into a family, but that isn’t the only kinship that we can claim. Throughout our lives, we collect new family members, perhaps not related by blood but just as precious to us.

Norma Cook and Chris Salvatore can teach us a lot about how important a friend can become in or lives and in our hearts.

The unlikely pair have been neighbors for the past 5 years but when Ms. Norma became ill with leukemia, they became roommates in order to provide the older woman with the care she needs.

The duo have become inseparable; calling each other grandmother and grandson and bonding over their growing friendship. It is an arrangement that benefits both because of the care and love they are sharing.


Somebody's thriving 🥂 #myneighbornorma

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Ms. Norma will live out her days with Chris in the comfort of knowing she has a family who has chosen her as his own.

In the end, love is always the strongest bond.

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