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You Are Not Alone

Pt. 6 of an in-depth series on Destiny guided by T.D. Jakes' most popular lessons.

Your destiny is calling you to walk a path completely alien to anything you’ve ever encountered. Nothing is familiar. Everything is different. From the people and the new processes you’re adopting, all the way to the schedule you’re keeping and the new idioms of thought you are incorporating into your routine, something new and “frightening” is requiring your attention nearly everyday. How do you handle the stress of it all? How do you become this new person when everything around you is unfamiliar? Where will you find comfort? Is there comfort to be had?

Then, you think something altogether horrible…

“I am alone.”

Believe it or not, it’s normal to feel that way.

On top of the unfamiliar, there is the belief that no one understands what you’re going through. As a result, there is no one you can talk to. Though such thoughts crossing your mind are normal to the process, these thoughts are absolute rubbish. There are countless other individuals who have felt just like you, but have become great and went on to meet their destinies! You are not alone. There is a massive company of people who have experienced or are experiencing everything you are facing right now. Though the path to your destiny might seem like a lonely one, you are not alone.

You are not in this by yourself!

If you were created with a purpose and destiny, there must be Intelligence behind your creation. Discovering your purpose and destiny is the perfect time for you to be in contact with your Creator. As a matter of fact, your destiny requires that you communicate with the One who created you. He shaped and molded you to a specific design to fit an ultimate plan. Who better, then, to tell you about who you are and everything He designed for you to do? He knows the people you can reach out to. He has strategically placed them around you, and all you need to do is reach out to the One that has everything you need. He has your future planned out, and He has emphatically promised that He will never abandon you, change His mind about you, nor withdraw His presence from you.

Your feeling of being alone is just that — a feeling. Indeed, there might have been a massive falling away of people in your life. However, do not look at it as if it is a curse. On the contrary, consider it a blessing. The distractions have been cleared out so that you can concentrate on the tasks and people that matter the most!

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