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You Can Say That Again

Your words have the power to change how people feel.

We’ve heard it said that we can change the way we live by changing the way we talk. 

A landmark study proved that positive words and actions boost a person’s success and improve the outcomes of their lives.  Hearing positive words calms the heart, increases blood flow to the brain and improves one’s mood.  The study found that, “people who experience frequent positive emotions have been shown to live longer.”

When we use supportive phrases with others and shut down negative, self sabotaging thoughts, our energy, contentment and productivity increase.  

In Jacksonville, Florida, Mr. Chris Ulmer, a public school teacher, proves that positive words can have great impact.  He greets each of his special education class with 10 minutes of connection, positive praise and words of support.  Mr. Ulmer’s sets the tone for the day; as a result, the students are better able to attend to tasks, problem solve and work cooperatively.   

In the video, Mr. Ulmer tell his first student of the day, “You sir are an amazing student. You’re very funny.  You’re very smart.  You do a great job everyday and make everyone laugh because you are so silly.  Thanks for being a great student!”  The child’s smile grows wider with each positive word.

Psychologists studied the most common negative thoughts that people have and found that they lead to lowered immune system functioning, lack of hope and negative health outcomes.  Replacing these thoughts with positive phrases is the key to feeling better.

Read this list of the most common negative thoughts people have and find positive statements to use instead:

1. “I am not good enough.”  

Say this instead:

“I am enough! I'm so much more than I think. I’m worthy of my own compassion.”

We are our own worst critics and the sooner we let go of the harsh criticismsthe better for our health and well-being.

2. “I hate how I look.  I feel…(ugly, fat, lazy, broken, etc). People don’t know how bad I feel inside.”

Say this instead:

“I am so thankful for this body and my health.  Thank you for the gift of sight, the use of my legs, the beating of my heart. Waking up every day is a gift.”

Appreciating the miracle of our bodies fills us with gratitude.  When we use this positive statement our brains automatically activate better health.

3.  “I will never find love or he/she will leave me.”

Say this instead:   

“I’m filled with love and can’t wait to share it with a partner.” or  “My husband/wife appreciates my self confidence; I am strong and whole.”

Let’s see ourselves through the eyes of those that love us the most.  We are loved and worthy of all great things.

Like Mr. Ulmer, and his class of inspirational students, let’s use the power of our words to improve our health, increase our joy and boost our energy every day!

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