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You Can't Be Blessed If You Haven't Been Broken

Dare to discover the deeper relationship between your pain and your purpose.

On a 2014 television appearance, T.D. Jakes sat down with Arsenio Hall for a candid conversation about overcoming life's difficulties. During their time together, Arsenio brought up a favorite quote by Jakes: “It is the breaking of life that produces the blessing of life.”

It might seem counterintutive, but it's true: Surviving seasons of brokenness shapes us in at least three important ways.

1. Brokenness Humbles You

All too often, comfort produces an amnesia effect in our lives. It gives us a false sense of security. We mistakenly believe we are the main source of security in our lives and those around us. When the unexpected happens and we are challenged, it reminds us of our own limitations and causes us to look beyond ourselves for help.

2. Brokenness Reveals Unhealthy Defenses

Self-reliance is like a brittle fence that has been eaten away by termites. It may have the appearance of strength and fortitude, but a little agitation reveals its true condition. When we are broken, the fences we construct that have isolated us from those around us come crumbling down. From there, we are opened up to receive encouragement, correction and new vision for our lives.

3. Brokenness Forces You To Slow Down

Our tendency when going through times of great difficulty is to rush through them as quickly as possible. This resistance to be present in times of suffering can lead us to miss hearing the voice of instruction. Slowing down allows us to realize that the true lesson to be learned is in the pain and not always on the other side of it.

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